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Mermaid Camp OCMD

Last October, I met Ursula who helped me get legs for a day. During quarantine, I've been practicing my magic really hard to be able to have legs when I want - even when wet! Now I'm using my human legs to help the little human kids learn how they can be the best mermaid version of themselves during my Mermaid Camp! The first one being offered is taking place in Uptown Ocean City, Maryland - on the beach at 133rd Street!

Space is very limited so each child receives the attention they need, so don't delay in signing up today! Sign ups must be completed by July 15th to ensure the tails arrive on time.

Worried about safety? Don't be! In addition to myself (lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, AED, SCUBA, and Freedive certified), we have another lifeguard/safety joining us and the Ocean City Beach Patrol will be on duty as well! Not to mention our professional photographer, who might not be another lifeguard but they ARE another set of eyes/ears/hands to help out! I am also insured by the Divers Alert Network in swim instruction and Specialty Performance Agency in mermaid performance! However, if your child is participating in the full day experience (includes swimming in the ocean), they will need to already be a proficient ocean swimmer BEFORE being allowed to participate in swim activities. A small swim test will be administered the first morning of camp, and if they fail they will not be allowed to participate in the in-water portion and no refunds will be issued.

Interested in what our daily schedule will look like? Take a look! Day 1/Saturday:

Intro and Safety

Swim Test without Tail

Mermaid in-water Basics


Tail Care

Local Mermaids & Animals

Environment Education

Fun Photos in tail

Day 2/Sunday:

Review of Mermaid Basics

Simple Mermaid Tricks

Open Water Mermaid Photos


Mermaid Self-Care

Mermaid Exercises

Mermaid Poses Workshop & Final Photoshoot

Ready to sign up? Let's go! We're excited to have you!

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