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Dry Events

No water, no problem! While our mermaids are more comfortable in water, they are just as experienced in dry land events. We have a variety of setups to choose from to fit any budget, from a giant inflatable clam shell to a pearl ball-pit, or you can provide your own setup for the mermaid for a larger discount. Dry events are also the perfect time to add on extras, such as bracelets, temporary tattoos, or arts and crafts! 

Glam Shell.jpg

Glam Shell

The glam shell requires electricity the entire time as it stays inflated by an internal fan that needs to be plugged in. A chair is also required for the mermaid to sit in, in the middle of the shell as the inflatable portion isn't sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person. Because of this, it would be good for keeping social distancing, but not great for personal interactions. Due to this distance, no extra (bracelets, temporary tattoos, etc) are included.

Pearl Ball Pit 

The ball pit requires electricity for about 5 minutes to inflate the "pool" but can then be relocated to an area without electricity. It isn't recommended for kids to get in the pit with the mermaid, but it is fun to play catch/ball toss with the mermaid while the kids stand outside of the pit between storytimes. Kids also receive free "pearl" bracelets; the mermaid hands the child (or kid at heart) a plastic pearl bead, which then gets taken to the mermaid's helper to be made into a bracelet. This requires extra supplies for the bracelets as well as a helper to make the bracelet.

Abstract Water

A Budget-Friendly Option for 1-Day Events and Festivals! 

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