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Hotel/Community Pools

Mermaid Tasha LLC is known for our hotel and community pool appearances! Throughout the years, our mermaids have been "caught" at several hotels and communities across Delmarva and throughout the East Coast! We offer three main forms of mermaid entertainment for hotels and communities: Interactive Swim Experiences,  Mermaid Swim Shows, and our Mermaid Camps

Interactive Swim Experiences

Most hotels choose to do an interactive swim experience for their guests. This involves meet and greet photo opportunities with a swimming mermaid. The mermaid swims around, interacting with the guests/residents, being available for photo opportunities, and mermaid games such as dive rings or mermaid rides. It is very similar to a birthday party but without the gifts and open to all hotel/community residents. 


Mermaid Swim Shows

Mermaid swim shows are scripted shows where the guests would be seated either on the edge of the pool or outside the pool watching as the mermaid performs swim routines and shows off tricks. Mermaid swim shows are done in fabric tails and involve two mermaids and a "wrangler" (human to help the mermaid). The show lasts about 35-40 minutes, followed by a 20 minute meet and greet where guests can come get pictures with the mermaids (total appearance time of 1 hour).


Mermaid Camps

Mermaid Tasha LLC held our first Mermaid Camp in summer of 2020, and it was a huge success! Mermaid camps allow mermaid lovers to see what it's like to actually become a mermaid; they get to try on a tail and learn how to safely swim in it, learn about local marine life and the environment, and create a fun craft to take home with them. Of course pictures are taken to commemorate the fun occasion! Hotel Mermaid Camps are a 2 hour mermaid camp with a maximum of 8 kids aged 8 and up (ages 6-7 can sign up as long as they understand they would not be able to swim in the tail, just partake in the dry activities)

Abstract Water

2024 Hotels & Community Appearances 

ASHORE Resort, Ocean City, MD

Saturdays 1-2pm

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites, Bethany Beach, DE 

Thursdays 4-6pm 

Fenwick Shores, Fenwick Island, DE

Tuesdays 4-5pm, Fridays 5-6pm

Princess Royale, Ocean City, MD 

Thursdays 2-3pm 

Park Place Hotel, Ocean City, MD 

Saturdays & Mondays 3-4pm 

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