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DelmarvaNow - Travel to Mexico with Mermaid Tasha for an adventurous trip to learn the fun trade

     Jan 2024


DelmarvaNow - Mermaids among us? Yes, and they're bringing joy and wonder to those that see them

     July 2023

DelmarvaNow - Mermaid Tasha's love of the water brings mermaids to Delmarva

     July 2023

DelmarvaNow - Mermaids: Tasha Haight brings the mythical creatures to life as a head mermaid

     July 2023

Leisure Byte - MerPeople: Everything to Know About the Netflix Docuseries Featuring Human Mermaids

      May 2023

Leisure Byte - MerPeople Review: Look Into the World of a Colourful Whimsical Profession

      May 2023


Leisure Byte - MerPeople Ending Explained: Who is Titled King and Queen of the Sea? 

      May 2023

Cape Gazette -Bethany Beach Poseidon Festival to salute the sea May 26-28

      May 2023

Cape Gazette - Mermaid Tasha to sign conservation storybooks April 23

      April 2023


CanvasRebel - Trends to Watch: Meet Tasha Haight

       January 2023


Cape Gazette - Mermaid Camp sessions to start June 7

        April 2022

SF Gate - Maryland museum exhibits the history of mermaids

       August 2021

Delaware Online - A fascination for mythical mermaids reflect Ocean City’s identity

       July 2021

Cape Gazette - Mermaid camp set at Delaware beaches June 19-20

       June 2021

Fins Magazine - Issue #1

       October 2019


Cape Gazette - Tasha Haight named Miss Mermaid Delaware, supports ocean conservation 

      July 2019

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