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creating Mermaid Magic for kids of all ages 

Mermaid Tasha has been an internationally performing mermaid since 2017. She has performed at renaissance faires, pirate and faerie festivals, and aquariums and casinos across the country. She is also a PADI Mermaid Instructor and enjoys teaching new mermaids how to safely swim in their tail while caring for the environment.   

Tasha is lifeguard, Divemaster, freedive, CPR/AED/First Aid, and yes, mermaid, certified.  She is also insured by Specialty Performer Insurance and Divers Alert Network. Together, her insurance and certifications make her the safest mermaid option on Delmarva. 

When not busy enchanting the land-walkers with her mermaid awesomeness, Tasha enjoys traveling, paddleboarding, surfing, and fishing. She has a MBA in business from Loyola University Maryland and also designs websites and press releases for small businesses. She'd love to share her tales of seas far, far away at your next mermaid event. 

Tasha Haight
Owner & Mermaid

Ensuring the safety of each event

Rick has over a decade experience as security for some of the top niteclubs in Ocean City, MD. Combined with his involvement in the United States Marine Corps, he ensures each of our events is completely safe for both the mermaid and the guests. 

He also uses his superior networking and sales skills to meet with companies and individuals throughout the Ocean City area to determine how adding a mermaid can best fit their needs.

When not helping Mermaid Tasha, he loves spending time with his two kids at home, including one princess that might just discover her own tail when she grows up. 

Rickey M. 
Head MerWrangler 


"She is STILL talking about her mermaid party!" 


- Shannon T., Berlin, MD 

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