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Baltimore Mermaid Camp 2022

During our Mermaid Camp, your little mermaid (ages 6-15) will learn how to be a real mermaid and steward of the environment. Full day runs 10am-3pm Monday and Tuesday.

Your mermaid (or merman) will learn how to properly and safely swim in their mermaid tail, take care of themselves and the environment, and what local marine life lives in our waters! At the end of the two days, they will have earned their FinFun Mermaid University mermaid certificate, proving they can safely swim in their tail! Tail and monofin, instruction, crafts, and photos included.

Safety is very important for both Mermaid Tasha LLC and Fin Fun! If you plan to participate in the water portions of the camp (min age 8), please be sure your little mermaid can complete the following pre-requisites to swimming in a tail (there will be a test before anyone is allowed in the water in tail and no refund will be given for those failing to pass):

  • Back float

  • Front float

  • Roll from front to back float

  • Tread water

  • Swim unassisted

Don't want to participate in the water portion or under the age of 8? Join us for half the day for dry mermaid activities such as crafts, instructional learning, and a beach photoshoot! (Half day participants do not receive a Fin Fun Mermaid University certificate as they do not swim in the tail but still will receive the full tail and monofin set.)


Minimum of 3 participants needed to hold a mermaid camp; if minimum is not reached, you will have the option of moving to a later mermaid camp, having a private mermaid lesson to get your certificate, or receiving a refund.


If you have any questions or are interested in being a photo, or camper sponsor, please contact Tasha at

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