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Group Mermaid Lessons 

Want to set up a unique party for you and your guests? Host a group mermaid lesson! 

Classes to choose from include: Mermaid Basics, Mermaid Swim Team/Boot Camp, Mermaid Aerobics, and Mermaid Performance! 

Save your spot before the Late Booking date to get your very own LIMITED EDITION CUSTOM TAIL only available through Mermaid Tasha LLC mermaid classes! All class participants will receive their very own Fin Fun mermaid tail to keep upon completion of the course! 


Photo by NRS Media Services taken during Mermaid Camp OCMD 2020

Private Mermaid Lessons

Not ready for a full PADI course but still want to get your fins wet? Join Mermaid Tasha LLC for a FinFun Mermaid University mermaid lesson! 60-90 minutes, depending on how tired you get, focusing on mermaid basics. 


Have your own pool or would rather get one-on-one attention? Contact us today about private mermaid lessons! We can provide tails for you to keep after the lessons or work with the tails you already have. 

Private lessons currently available for those without their own pool in:

Annapolis, Maryland

Waugh Chapel, Maryland

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Queen Anne, Maryland

West Ocean City, Maryland

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